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No evidence of other “Children.”  All the right parameters.  Much better than the alternative.  We are all there is.

God exists. Our world, universe, and all that they encompass are just too incredible to believe otherwise. One of the main arguments against God is that there have got to be other beings out there somewhere, given the Universe’s incredible size. I say, it’s because of its size and age that there probably aren’t. Don’t you think that by now, after 4.5 billion years of earth’s history we would know? Unless you take the biblical world view that the earth is only about 6,000 years old; then you wouldn’t be worrying with these thoughts.

It’s absolutely amazing that our earth cooled to exactly the right temperature to support life and then adjusted itself to allow us to exist as the dominant species.  Our world is in just the right orbit relative to the sun and other planets to be capable of sustaining life.  We breathe oxygen and give off carbon dioxide while trees do just the opposite.  Perfect, except for maybe the fact that the oxygen we breathe is actually what eventually kills us.

That being said; making it clear that I believe in God; I can also accept and understand how ludicrous is may seem to believe in a God, Son, and Spirit that have been unseen for so many years. After all, its been about 5,000 years since anyone has seen God, and its been about 2,000 years since anyone has seen His Son or the Spirit. But that’s 2,000 years out of 4.5 billion; a drop in the proverbial bucket.  So I can make the same argument I made regarding our understanding of climate change.  We don’t have enough data.

Isn’t it also as or more ludicrous to believe that we ascended from a primordial ooze through other primates?  Maybe.  But has anyone seen that? Does anyone really want that? Does any evidence exist in the geologic or anthropologic record other than our resemblance or relationship to other life forms? Why wouldn’t God have used the same basic building blocks to create everything? There may be some truth to evolution and natural selection but we don’t have enough data to prove our ascension from nothingness by chance.

Although we are part of nature, we do not follow the laws of nature. That sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom as God intended. The laws of man are based on the laws of God.  It’s a good thing we were given God’s laws and don’t have to follow nature’s laws or we’d be relegated to living like the other animals.  Those of us that follow God’s laws could be earning our places in a new world where no laws, not even the laws of physics, are necessary.

So I’m saying, what there is here on this earth is all there is; God’s “special” creation, with all the rules he has provided, some written, some for us to discover. God gave us the earth to take dominion over it. He didn’t want us to not discover electricity, or to not take the oil out of the ground and use it to our advantage. He does however, want us to care for everything he has given us and to use it sensibly. I’d say, we’re on the right track.

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