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People as we know them became people with the start of the first civilization, depending on who you ask, approximately 5,000 to 7,000 years ago. No one is in disagreement on this general time frame, whether you believe in creation or evolution. This beginning was dependent on our ancestors becoming intelligent enough to have a society, including infrastructure, bureaucracy, monetary system, religion, and written word, to name a few. Thus, 5,000 to 7,000 years is our recorded history for humans. By comparison, we know little about “humans” before that time except for what we can gather by the study of the fossil record and genetics. The appearance of the first humans prior to recorded history is theorized based on fossil evidence, genetics, anatomy, and intelligence (for example the use of tools).

If you believe in the whole “man evolved from ape” theory, the first humans appeared approximately 160,000 years ago. One has to wonder then why it took another 150,000 years for a civilization to develop. The more likely scenario is that man ascended from apes (yes I’ve convinced myself, maybe) but didn’t become fully human until he developed reasoning and morality. Something happened to “spark” a change that separated “humans” from the rest of the animal kingdom and established us as the dominant species. Evolutionists explain it with the Great Leap Forward theory and believe this happened about 50,000 years ago. Again the question is begged; why did it take even 40,000 years for a civilization to develop?

Since levels of oxygen built up over time to where they are now, it seems that during human evolution they may have started out lower. Perhaps the increase in human mental capacity was related to an increasing percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere. The longevity of certain biblical figures may be related to early levels of oxygen being lower; with an increase in oxygen came higher intelligence but a shorter life span.

To me, this is where God comes in. Of course he was always there, but about 7,000 to 10,000 years ago, he gave us reasoning and morality, and from there we went on to develop civilizations and a written (recorded) history. And that’s when we became human.

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