Ozone Hole

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We don’t know what the ozone hole was doing more than 40 or 50 years go, much less during periods like the “dust bowl,” or during previous warming periods over the earth’s long history.  The earth started out with no ozone or oxygen, (and more carbon dioxide) but gradually developed to the state where plants could evolve, which started spewing oxygen into the atmosphere.  Animals evolved and started using oxygen and spewing carbon dioxide.

Thus began a vicious cycle; the biomass of oxygen consuming (and carbon dioxide creating) species increasing beyond the biomass of carbon dioxide consuming (and oxygen creating) species.  It is difficult to say whether the cycles of a warming and cooling planet are related to the biomass cycle, or vice versa.  But undoubtedly, during the warming periods, the amount of ozone in the atmosphere decreases due to the decrease in the oxygen/carbon dioxide ratio.

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