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Given the crazy stuff coming out of our politicians, rich businessmen, and liberal media, why should I fear sharing a few thoughts of my own?

Given that a government of the people by its very nature must provide for the people, there is a limit as to how much it should provide. 

The Science of Scale

Theory: As the space and time an object occupies increases, so do the forces acting upon it.

See: The Science of Scale

Defeating Radical Islamic Terrorism (ISIS)


We are hearing from the left that to engage in a ground war in Iraq and Syria would be to play into the hands of ISIS and such groups by helping to fulfill the prophesies of Mohammad. So let’s do the opposite and create a situation whereby these groups would be forced to themselves either dissatisfy the requirements of the prophesies or abandon them altogether.

Instead of assembling an invasive force, intern a force of peace, say 50,000 men, women, and children, without guns or instruments of war, in the place where the prophesies are supposed to take place. This will certainly confuse the jihadists and make them lay down their weapons.

I’m not exactly sure what the prophecies say, but surely we can figure out how to use them to defeat these misguided souls much the same way that they are trying to use our laws to defeat us.

Man as Part of Nature


No should be asked to take more than their God on faith. To accept some theories is to do just that.

God doesn’t let bad things happen to us. Natural disasters and malevolence are a result of our original “fall from grace.” By just being human we interact with the world around us and change it, inasmuch as we are part of nature.

The fall from grace, whether you want to call it that or not, is our tendency toward selfishness; or wanting for wanting’s sake. I believe it is still okay for us to use every worldly provision to our advantage, but only framed in light of our selfishness, both for now and for future generations.

Time Travel

Thought: I don’t think we’ll ever go “back to the future.” It’s not within our realm of existence. The Laws of Physics won’t allow it. For us to be able to travel at the speed of light, we’d have to become light or pure energy. Once that happens, there’s no going back. Maybe that’s what happens when we die. We become light or pure energy and travel to another time and place. After all, it would only take about 8 minutes to get to the sun.

Climate Change

Thought: Melting polar ice causes the earth to spin slower or faster? Slower would cause more heating. Faster would cause less heating (cooling?) A faster spin and cooling would match previous (historical) climate trends, which “always” consisted of a period of warming followed by a period of cooling.

Theory: Atlantic Basin hurricanes take a northerly path sooner due to warming waters extending farther north with a corresponding atmosphere providing less resistance to hurricane movement.

Headlines like: “Last month was the hottest September in recorded history tick me off.” It’s sensational, ominous, and misleading. Not everyone understands that “recorded history ” includes only about the last 150 years out of 4,500,000,000.

Thought: They are leading us to believe in a cause rather than a solution.  Rather it is best to protect coastal areas and (maybe) wildlife and agriculture as much as possible from the possible effects of climate change because all climate change is natural insomuch as we are part of nature.



Man didn’t evolve until oxygen levels had increased to the point that they stimulated brain development and mental capacity.

Biblical figures lived longer due to lower levels of oxygen in the atmosphere, but they were dumber.

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