Record hot years almost certainly caused by man-made warming

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“Almost” certainly? Based on the statistical probability that recent warm temperatures were not caused by the kinds of natural variability that can occur over recorded climate history (150 years, Click Here), while ignoring the kinds of natural variability  (Click Here) that can occur over the much longer time scale that is the earth’s history (Click Here). Crazy. 

By Alister Doyle OSLO (Reuters) – A record-breaking string of hot years since 2000 is almost certainly a sign of man-made global warming, with vanishingly small chances that it was caused by random, natural swings, a study showed on Monday. Last year was the hottest since records began in the 19th century in a trend that almost all scientists blame on greenhouse gases from burning of fossil fuels, stoking heat waves, droughts, downpours and rising sea levels. “Recent observed runs of record temperatures are extremely unlikely to have occurred in the absence of human-caused global warming,” a U.S.-led team of experts wrote in the journal Scientific Reports.

Source: Record hot years almost certainly caused by man-made warming

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