Mankind: The Most Random Occurrence 

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For as long and as far as we can see…

An insignificant occurrence?

Think of Man and all Life on Earth, and the Earth itself with it’s ability to sustain us, as the most random occurrence. Along and among this span of time and space we call the Universe, this life is all that exists. This life that consumes the gases and elements that make up the atmosphere and environment that sustain us, and at the same time, can consume us, transforms and then returns the gases and elements back to our surroundings.

There are many rocks like our Earth that we know of, in the current realm of our knowledge, that cannot sustain life as we know it; our carbon-based life. There are none that we know, can, or have.

This is a mystery that Man has attempted to understand since he came into existence only a short 6,000 years out of the 14 billion (9 zeros) that the Universe has existed. That is only 0.00004 percent of time as we know it. The Earth occupies a Solar System that takes up approximately five trillion (12 zeros) miles, about 0.0000000001 percent of the Universe, a number of miles with at least 24 zeros. How random, along and among such an immense span of time and space, is the existence of life?

Because we are so random, we are either infinitessimely important, or even more infinitessimely, insignificant. Let’s just say, for arguments sake, that we are, important. That means our randomness is no accident, and that our relationship to the Universe, as we know it, is as both Consumer and Steward. It is our responsibility both to care for the Universe and harness it’s Power.

All carbon-based life consume, process, and emit the gases and other elements that surround us. This is a natural response to our surroundings. Even the smallest bug builds, up to a point relative to it’s existence, what it needs to survive. We go beyond that to thrive, and to increase our levels of comfort, entertainment, and longevity. This is our right (maybe) and our responsibility, as the dominant species.

Our relationship to the Universe starts with our relationship to the Nature that surrounds us and has been entrusted to us. We share the Earth with the rest of carbon-based life that has to also be infinitessimely important. Even still, we are the dominant species because of our ability to reason and invent technologies that go way beyond the abilities of any of the rest of nature.

Even if we are not the cause of climate change due to our excess emissions, we should be concerned about maintaining a balance between these emissions and what the rest of life needs to survive. At the same time, we need to ask ourselves whether our contributions to our environment are unavoidable to a large extent; that’s the way it’s supposed to be?

Life, as insignificant, as an accident, does not have the same responsibility or right to harness the Power of the Universe or to care for it. We exist for the benefit of our surroundings, and therefore have no purpose other than to survive like the rest of nature.

But, owing to our nature, that is not who we are. Because we can reason and invent, we know that there is more beyond survival alone. Until we find life elsewhere, this has to be the basis for our understanding.

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