My Wife Likes Global Warming 

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Is global warming such a bad thing?

To my wife, who is “too cold” more often than she is “too warm”, the concept of global warming is undoubtedly a Godsend. Sure, she complains when it’s hot, but not as much as when it’s cold.

This concept is not lost on the world. Freezing temperatures are more uncomfortable and more inconvenient than warming temperatures. It’s much easier to shed clothes than to pile them on. No one vacations on Alaskan beaches, except maybe someone who lives further north. Ask a homeless person where he would rather sleep; under the interstate in Florida or in Wisconsin?

Do the global warming alarmists have an agenda that goes above and beyond, or should I say underneath, the benefits of a warming planet? Do they have something to gain by convincing the world, and my wife, that it is better to have a planet that cools to a greater extreme than it warms?

Freezing temperatures are also more deadly than warming temperatures. There are up to 15 times more deaths from freezing temperatures than from warming temperatures. It’s no doubt that life proliferated during the last warming trend; until they were wiped out by that comet. Carbon dioxide was in great supply and in great demand.

Of course there are other disadvantages to a warming planet; sea level rise being the one that gives our governments the most grief. But coastal and floodplain communities have been dealing with flooding for a long time. There is no better way to deal with it than to avoid trying to live there in the first place; or to relocate to higher ground. I should know. I lived in one of those communities, and experienced it first hand. It was a nice place to live, with a short-term temporary (and costly) drawback. That was our choice. And we eventually decided to move to higher ground.

So is global warming a bad thing? I say not. The dire predictions of impending increases in severe weather have no basis. The weather may actually improve. Or it may shift from one region to another. Either way, there will be decreases in the death rate from freezing, and less complaining from the missis.

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