The Science of Change

Please use the menu at the top of the page to access all topics. All the change around us is evidence of the nature of our relationship with the universe. Ever notice something about change. It appears to be mainly in a decreasing direction.  And it is. However this is not a doomsday perspective. If the universe started as a Big Bang, its’ energy has been dissipating over time as it expands. This is practically imperceptible to us in scale, owing to the amount of energy stored in the universe. We cannot control this change. Understanding that the energy stored around us from that initial burst is going in that “negative” direction, however, is something we can use to explain the change, and adjust to it, either intentionally, or as a consequence of some other activity. In fact the only control we have over change is our reaction to it and how it affects us; as the only sphere of intelligent existence in the immense expanse of time and space we call the universe, as far as we know.

Keep in mind however that the Big Bang is a theory. The other possibility is that the universe is infinitesimal.

Everything we see is in a State of Entropy. Going from a State of Order to a State of Disorder. Metals corrode. Water evaporates. The biomass ages. The only way to turn either in the opposite direction is to apply energy.  Energy in the form of electrolysis in corrosion; in the form of heat for atmospheric processes; biochemical processes in aging. Although we cannot perceive it on its scale, the amount of energy available for these processes must be dissipating over time. Therefore, energy may not be constant, as once described.

Relative to the size and age of the Universe, our measures “are” infinitessimely small. We know the Universe is expanding. In fact it is one of the few things we can measure precisely: The measurement of the change in the position of objects relative to each other. We can not see the edge of the universe. We can not see that far back in time.

Let’s assume that the universe is truly infinitesimal. Remembering that this measurement is relative to us, that makes the edge of the universe incomprehensible. We measure time, we invented time. Relative to us, time is also infinitesimal. We will never comprehend time. Remember also that we invented the way to measure time and space. Our numerical system, by its design, is infinitesimal. That makes everything we measure potentially infinitesimal. There is always a larger number and always a smaller negative number.

What if the universe is not infinitesimal? What if it is finite?  It therefore has a beginning and end.  This makes everything else we think is infinitesimal also finite; but still exceedingly and incomprehensibly large. The universe has a beginning and an end. Time has a beginning and an end. Energy and matter have beginnings and ends.

How about the opposite direction; toward the infinitessimely small. As we split the atom, is it also possible to split the parts of an atom and so on?  As for time, there is no opposite, or at least, not yet.

Everything is in a state of change; in a seemingly decreasing direction. The universe is expanding; time is increasing; energy is apparently being used up, from a state of maximum flux to a state of decreasing capacity. However, relative to us, this system is infinitessimely large, in every capacity. The fact that it is changing this way is irrelevant and at the same time relevant.

This, again, is not, necessarily, a doomsday perspective. It is not even necessary that we comprehend it completely due to its scale. This change is not necessarily to our detriment, as long as we remember that it is relative to us. It is infinitesimal to us. We are but an infinitessimely small part of it.

It is also our part to manage the forms of energy that make up our environment on this small part of the universe, independently and in unison with change. Much the same as it was our manifest destiny as a civilization to discover and consume the land that extended westward from the cradle of civilization, it is also our responsibility to use energy, in a responsible way, for our technological advancement.

We are the only sphere of existence in the whole expanse of time and space, as far as we know, and we have this responsibility and destiny to do so.

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