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“Like Ants on the Bottom of the Abyss: A Christian Earth Scientist Explains the Concept of Climate Variability with an Eccentric Perspective”

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Climate Variability (or Change) as seen from a world view with three points: that the living Earth is the center of Creation, equal to the universe; that humankind is so miniscule in size relative to the size, age, and energy of Creation as to make them incomprehensible; and that, as minuscule as we are, the energy of Creation belongs to us, as stewards, besides our Creator.

The Earth has been cooling since it formed, approximately 4.5 billion years ago. Just 5 million years ago, it was about 40 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than it is now, and it has cooled by as much as 50 degrees Fahrenheit below the current temperature since then, during the ice ages, with spikes of warming in between. That would be equal to a fluctuation in average world temperature from about 100 degrees Fahrenheit then to about -10 degrees Fahrenheit during the ice ages. In the long term the Earth will continue to cool. Climate variability is caused by the rotating Earth “wobbling” on a tilted axis, and revolving around the sun in an imperfect elliptical orbit. This, is by God’s design.


The climate change debate is fueled by the assumption that climate variability can be controlled by man-made changes in planetary dynamics greater than natural atmospheric oscillations, that the use of fossil fuels causes these changes, and that two hundred years of data out of thousands is enough to prove or disprove the destruction of our planet by humans.

That mankind has this kind of influence–as insignificant in space and time as it is compared to the size, age, and energy of creation–is within the shadow of reason and doubt. Yet as the only known survivor of creation and the only known conscious life in the universe, mankind has sole stewardship and the responsibility and duty to harness the energy of the universe, use it to its advantage, and respect it.

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