More on the Carbon Dioxide Argument

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Every living thing contributes carbon to the atmosphere, along with earth, water, and atmospheric processes. Humans contribute six percent, including what we would produce if we only ate, eliminated bodily waste, and breathed; and what we generate due to our industriousness. From sources I can cite, that’s less than what an ant mound contributes to its environment. Kinda makes sense though. (Is there an ongoing theme here?).

Carbon dioxide is essential for life. It is the primary source of available carbon for all life. It courses through our veins and respiratory system, though not necessarily in that order. Carbon dioxide uses include carbonation (a preservative), fire control, and refrigeration. It’s a medical gas and a pressurizing gas.

Let’s be realistic. We all want to have and use the conveniences we develop through our ingenuity and technology, all of which carry with them a carbon footprint. The secret is to develop technologies that use the carbon, and move forward with our recycling efforts. There’s no need to rush to judgement on fossil fuels. We need them to develop alternative technologies. And rushing them out too quickly would create economic havoc and political unrest, not necessarily in that order. In fact, that’s already happened.

Everything we do carries with it a carbon footprint. No matter what we do, we’re going to generate more carbon to the environment than “Nature,” insofar as Humans are part of nature. The best we can do is learn to live with that fact and use our ingenuity to capture and use the carbon (e.g., CO2) we generate.

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