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When did we start to believe in aliens? The existence of life elsewhere in the universe is more unknowing than the existence of God. The existence of God is recorded by those masses who actually experienced His presence over a long History. The existence of life other than Earth is based on theoretical conjecture, individual stories, photographic propaganda, and mathematical probability. 

The stories and photographic evidence, to use a term loosely, are what they are. To have life, the Earth first had to have an environment to support it: the right gases and elements in the right proportions; and the right physical and chemical relationships between the gases and elements. The Earth had to be in a unison with the sun and the rest of the solar system and galaxies to evolve over time into a life-sustaining planet: for it to a have a carbon-based biosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, the gravity to hold them in, a tilted axis, eccentric orbit, and distance from the sun to form seasons. The probability of this happening elsewhere in Creation may be similar to actually having duplicate fingerprints among the Earth’s population and finding them. Although the estimated number of planets is rather large–a one with 24 zeroes–being able to prove that these even exist may be outside our limits. 

In the mind of Copernicus, Earth did not occupy a special place in the universe, nor did life occupy a special place in Creation. Taken as more than theories by the likes of Sagan, Hawking, and Spielberg, it isn’t hard to believe that extraterrestrial life has taken on a life of it’s own. Copernicus couldn’t see any farther in space and time than anyone else, especially given that only the most rudimentary magnification and measurement technology existed 400 years ago. We still know very little about the universe. 

Not knowing the speciality of either for certain–both are only theories–taken as they are, isn’t it then just as likely that we are alone; that life occupies a special place in Creation; on an Earth that also occupies a special place in the Universe? Yet only one thing’s for certain: life elsewhere has not been found; nor, given the vastness of Creation, is it likely that it will ever be.

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