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It is difficult to believe in both Creation and a history of life that is based on scientific theories that have been formulated from geological evidence; evidence that is necessarily incomplete given that there is no way to analyze every single crack, crevice, layer, and water depth that comprise the complex environments of Earth.

The oldest of Earth’s sediments and rocks; reworked and deformed over time; age, based on human-derived measurements; contain the earliest organisms as sole occupants of a geological epoch that overlap more highly advanced organisms in successive geological epochs.

By some estimates, we’ve literally only scratched the surface, having explored only 0.4% of Earth’s mass. No wonder then that we’re yet to find the missing link, or Noah’s ark, assuming that either even exists; although there have been claims.

Not only did life evolve, but Earth had to first evolve into a life-sustaining planet. It was not that easy. It was the first miracle of Creation. Forming out of the dust, obtaining an orbit, tilt, rotation, gravity, and eccentricity to form seasons; having the right concentrations of elements, organic chemicals, gases, and temperatures to Create and sustain life; though not necessarily in that order; and at a rate that maintains life, naturally, but not without its perturbations. Yet, these perturbations were also essential for sustaining life.

Life, the second Miracle, had to evolve along with the evolving Earth, in unison, and in symbiosis; with earlier life, dependent on temperatures and concentrations of natural organic compounds to maintain the original Soup of life. As the concentrations and temperatures changed, so did the complexity of life, and its evolution.

I might add that the opposing viewpoints have some merit to their arguments. As humans, we measure things from our perspective; and our measurements are prone to error. If God did make everything 7,000 years ago, he was the grand chemist, and the formation of the Earth and its life were cataclysmic. Let’s just say I concur that He probably did it over time. Remember though, we also only measure time from our Human Earthly Perspective. 

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