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The author has a master’s degree in geology and has been studying environmental data for 35 years. 

Although geology may be about the study of what’s at and below the earth’s solid surface, stored  in the rocks, soils, sediments, and water are the interactions between surface, atmospheric, and astronomical processes. The atmosphere roils. Water falls on the earth and flows, or storms kick up the surf, moving and depositing sediments.  Nature leaves its imprint.  Forests are buried along with the manifestations of civilizations from all members of the animal kingdom, including humans. 

Our weather is affected by our distance from the sun as we progress through the four seasons and other astronomical cycles. There are also interactions between geology and nature. The effects of a forest, taking and giving to the soil, absorbing carbon dioxide, and releasing oxygen; and the effects of the animals, the dominant species (us) removing forests, covering the soil with concrete, altering rivers, absorbing oxygen, and releasing carbon dioxide.

The author considers his study of the earth to include the interactions between solid and liquid earth, the atmosphere, the solar system, the universe, and nature. Although he can’t claim to be a meteorologist, astronomer, anthropologist, or psychologist, the subjects are closely intertwined and cannot be separated.

The mission of this blog is to reveal the truth, apart from the incomplete and mis-information that is given to us by  the factions that filter their promotions through lenses of self-service. Contained herein are thoughts on climate change, evolution, religion, and any other thoughts that may be considered worthy to share. They are framed within what we know from science and speculate from scientific theory. They are updated, modified, and (hopefully) improved periodically, and are evolving, so please be sure to check back.

The author finds a common thread in what he sees as the prevailing problem with what the so-called “experts” and government leaders  are telling us, whether it be with an issue such as climate change or evolution. Human and recorded history are very short compared to the length of time our world has existed.  The “experts” look through the small window of recorded history, extrapolate earlier history from sparse evidence and theory, give their interpretations, and leave out critical information that might lead us to different conclusions. He wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a conspiracy; it’s either that they don’t know how to talk to us, or they think they know better and we don’t.

For example, our temperature “records” go back about 150 years.  They “may” show that the earth is warming, but that’s only within that 150 year time frame.  Man is part of nature. The earth has warmed, and cooled, all by itself over its 4,500,000,000 year history. I’m all for conserving energy and decreasing our carbon footprint, within limits. Again the world warms and cools in response to nature. Insomuch as we are part of nature, there’s a need to frame our actions and reactions accordingly.

Other examples concern evolution and religion.  Our records on civilization go back about 7,000 years. That’s all the “real” information we have on the beginning of the human race.

There is a lot of good science out there but we should be questioning the accuracy of the science and not take everything we hear as the truth, whether convenient or not.

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